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>They're both degenerate
Of course I can see the correlation, but why didn't you just refer to it as "degeneracies"? That just includes more bias which distracts entirely from what you're trying to explain.

>Pretty similar to a finger-snapping homosexual, now that I think about it.
>tips fedora

>The capitalist elite? They're destroying society by ending bloodlines.
The capitalist elite are destroying society by draining entire countries through interest fees; the capitalist elite are forcing the hands of indebted countries that can't pay back their interest payment on the country's currency, in turn destroying the traditions by pushing tension upon a country until it's ready to implode on itself through civil war or government corruption. In soon-to-be impoverished European countries, making enough money to survive seems a lot more relevant of a problem than the same sex fucking the other, you can't fix the genetic damage.

>You have no idea how the future's going to pan out.
Well, I've got a pretty strong intuitive feeling that MUH DEATHSKWADS aren't going to be executing degenerates anytime soon.

>coming to power
Who the fuck's going to be "coming to power"? You? I highly doubt it. You haven't even begun to convince me that you're not still under the illusion of Left vs Right politics. You've proven nothing other than the fact that you're just a whimsical, radical, enabler who's going to get anybody who follows your advice on the terrorist watchlist or on their way to prison.

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Anti-white degenerate