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Nobody cares about philosophers while people pretend to care about wisdom to justify their own sophistry.
>Replace "goyim" with "the non-elite", and "Jews" with "the elite"; it gives you the statement: "Take the non elite away, and you have also taken the elite away. As in the end, they are one in the same."
That's still an oversimplification. Let OP say what he wants no matter how wrong he is. He'll correct himself when he thinks it's necessary.
>This hopefully clarifies the idea behind that phrase
Do you want to make a confession?
>metaphysical understanding on who/what they are and why they are here
Like what, by who's definition and why is it better than say Mein Kampf? Let's read your book and see how it utterly fails in comparison to Hitler's own words. Oh wait, you don't have a book.
You and others should upload a bunch of lists in a document. What we really needs is a bunch of dedicated, trustworthy, and resourceful N(azi)EETs that work on compiling the list of lists of kikes behind everything and uploading them on a website that's like "Wikileaks" but primarily focused on the kikes. It needs to be better than thezog site aswell as the jewornotjew site. Hell, I think it needs to be better than mere lists working like how this site does h ttps:// in representing connections between people and organizations in a timeline. Of course that is just one facet of various problems that must be exposed all at once in one place. A full on private anti kike intelligence agency needs to be formed before there could be any meaningful political action committee and eventually a true untainted political party. Of course the exposing of the truth should be done via proxy by a propaganda minister working for the agency who's a sufficient webdev as well as having some charisma though might consider someone with more charisma to be the face of the ideal who's fully aware of its place within the agency and not get too full of himself because he can be replaced at any moment. Until a completely legitimate political action committee of some sort is formed, there's no talk of potential candidates to promote the "new" political party within whatever system of governance, principality, etc., it may be in said country. In the meantime, the agency prepares for potential future battles, sending out spies as well as protecting the most vulnerable since said agency won't be running its business for long without being noticed by government agencies, shadow government agencies, the private sector.