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>it doesn't mean that all whites are supposed to be Ubermensch
That doesn't make you sound like a kike. Complete and utter white hatred would. This isn't that. It's simple observation. Some Aryan men and women have some growing up to do, others never will.
Defeatism is degenerate, and so is blaming the white race and linking them as "no better than the jews". That right there would be the mentality of the traitors OP has brought up. He needs to clear his mind of such divisionary thoughts. Or perhaps with the desire to blame Aryans, he has some known or unknown kikes in his family tree. It is hereditary with these jews to despise white races. It's their poisonous religion, sure, but that doesn't explain atheist kikes.
>Sifting out a traitor is usually one of the hardest things to do
Only if they're very subtle. Traitors within the elite are not. They're very easy to find out.
>Why are you putting homosexuality in the same category as interracialism? Where is the correlation?
They're both degenerate. You can't see the correlation? Both result in white genocide. Simple. Why, are you defending homosexuality or miscegenation? You sure are catty and sarcastic as fuck. Pretty similar to a finger-snapping homosexual, now that I think about it.
>So you're telling me that homosexuals and interracial couples are helping destroy the capitalist elite to develop a classless society that is practically slavery
Nowhere did I say that. Homosexuality is only one problem among the entire agenda. The capitalist elite? They're destroying society by ending bloodlines. Marxism's end goal isn't even what they're all about. They push the poisonous ideology to get gullible students to do their bidding. They don't want to lose their power.
>And who exactly is going to go around collecting homosexuals, interracial families and "destructive, multicultural" immigrants, to execute them in a way that the public wouldn't revolt?
>Oh, that's right! Nobody is going to do that!
You have no idea how the future's going to pan out. Things could change. That of itself is a hypothetical scenario in consideration of coming to power and removing the traitors, the jews,. and the degenerates.
>more sarcasm
Nobody's saying "look away from the elite". They're pushing those agendas as much as the rest behind them. Do you want a long, boring list of names of jews who started and pushed the homosexual agenda? How about a re-statement of the Kalergi plan of immigration to wipe out white Europeans? Names of kikes pushing for Wiemar Republic levels of pornographic interracial filth? By all means, ask for lists.