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>>62523 (cont.)

>You're treading on thin ice with that false statement.
Replace "goyim" with "the non-elite", and "Jews" with "the elite"; it gives you the statement: "Take the non elite away, and you have also taken the elite away. As in the end, they are one in the same."
This hopefully clarifies the idea behind that phrase.

>Why would we be concerned with giving condoms to niggers?
>Their spread should be controlled.
This is a method of control, though it probably won't work because they most likely will not want to wear a condom anyway.

>you're one of those ashes and echoes types who's so lost you're beginning to blame the Aryan race as well.
I highly doubt OP is a defeatist degenerate, if anything, he just needs to develop some metaphysical understanding on who/what they are and why they are here.

OP, you need to focus on developing yourself if you hope to have any success on leading who you will find you are supposed to lead.

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