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>always comes down to a lowest common denominator
That's because the people that fall for these tricks are often submissive in nature, meaning that they require a dominant to follow; the media is their dominant. A lot of what you said can be simplified to this, but your way of explaining is better because of it's elaborate nature.

>as they often have zero power over themselves
This is why philosophers in the past have encouraged humans to be individualistic; it's the first step in freeing the people from the shackles of this degenerate planet. But people still haven't learned to control themselves, so there's no point for any philosopher to have people try and go against anything at this point; they still haven't even been able to handle going against themselves.

>Take the "goyim" away, and you have also taken the Jew away.
Goyim are unaware of this, and will feel reliant on being a systematic bitch until they wake up and realise that they're more than just cattle; I've found that elite are just taking advantage the inferiour minds of shackled humans because they're not seeming to do anything about it.

>Not only for being barely above animals in every possible sense
Humans are cavemen who have simply learned to grunt accurately, they've got so much to learn but it's impossible to rush. It just has to be an extremely long lesson.

>should we attempt to raise corrupted whites to a higher standard
Better yourself; leading by example has done more for me than explicitly guiding people in the right direction. Learn to be a dominating figure so that people want to be you, they'll start copying you in ways of how you act, talk and the rest. As a dominant figure, people can ask you questions and they'll accept the answer you give; if they disagree, a short debate is all that's really needed.

>or should we consider them a liability

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