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>time machine
<speed = 87 MPH

Interesting because I always say I am a time machine, when I wake up each day all my time is my own. Now of course as a good family-owner knows, one is owned by the family one owns. Of course, no one owns a family, it is a group effort. People in the family, understand their roles and try to oblige the larger aspect of what it means to be a good [whatever role] and so forth. A good father acts like such and such. Now, if you ask me, I think Hitler was a bit too rough on them Hitler Youts, he had them looking like starved coyotes. I mean uh, obviously a nation needs a fitness program, but hey, let's not have "Lord of the Flies (tm) The Government" in the future, if anyone does invent a time machine, I mean, right now, at this moment, tho there are some problems, this has been a good year for truth, and for Hitler. [laughs out loud]