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That's exactly why I treat this place as the opposite of those pro zionist sites. Jews have the freedom to spread disinformation. Meanwhile, we're silenced at every turn. Freedom of speech doesn't mean anything as long as ((they)) claim "hate", even where there is no hate displayed. Merely talking about Natsoc or Hitler giving books to children + feeding deer is enough to remove videos. Meanwhile, I gave freedom of speech to a whining jew in the Red Pill thread who complained that I'd remove his posts any minute. The POS hand-waved every single bit of evidence that was presented as "conspiracy". Mountains. Thinking we're deep in conspiracy levels of paranoia, the same anti-Irish spammer from the past kept saying "CIA" are behind every single source outing the Zionists to vainly attempt to spread doubt (same guy who says "false flags not real"). If only that was the case. Should the CIA be against Zionism, I'd welcome it. Well, my accounts received strikes and warnings out there, as Ashkenazi CEOs run censor sweeps of every social media through the ADL. ((They)) will be similarly silenced if they try to push their agendas here.
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