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An unverifiable belief is mere speculation, as useless as trying to prove there's a black kettle behind the dark side of the moon that you believe it's real because you believe it is. It doesn't change what is 'real'/onto in ancient greek. The same could be said to those that use "nature" as a viable argument when in "nature", there's life and death, gay monkeys, dung beetles, hermaphroditic snails, bees that serve a queen and bees that serve no queen, matriarchal mammals, patriarchal mammals. The 'Beauty' seen in nature is not nature itself, which Naturalists reject because they can only think in Cartesian sense based perceptions. The Cartesian concept of "ego" deals only in the existential realm where the physical body exists, while the metaphysical concept of ego is not about charisma, pride, arrogance, etc. Actual critical thinking gives people like >>62043 a splitting headache and probably yourself included, which what you don't understand, you can only despise, yet you can never see the problem within introspectively, and only project in a predictable yet foolish matter. This thread is just another Sandy Hooks thread except with a testimonial blog-like twist that really didn't deserve it's own thread and could had been posted in that thread, but I'm not really complaining since the real topic of this thread is information dissemination as well as a general hope of the iconoclastic reaction towards the iconic lies that pervade the world is working even in just one person's mother, which the discussion of course had lead to "what to do next" type of deal which although discussed in other threads doesn't mean it can't be discussed again in hopes of another method, but I stand with the conclusions made by Id: 71ed22, 7e10dc and 5431a6 in this thread for the most part, but I'll say that I strongly disagree with the general quality of the argumentation made by Id: 496e21 and especially 74c027 mostly for his very poor string of misspelled words that barely made three sentences that doesn't explain as to the context of what he's even referring to which he hasn't come back to clarify himself, if he isn't using multiple proxies and such that is. I'm however, generally disappointed with the kind of posts generally being made in this thread here to not really stimulate me at my level. /blog