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No, what happened was Psychological Warfare came in and tried to cover the Allies' asses with false information. Are you trying to say anyone was actually gassed? It's at the top of the page on this board. >>57718 Go through the entire thread. Labor camps were created with comfort in mind. Compare to modern prisons. A small part of what pisses me off about that is (besides jews including Israel getting billions in reparations and Germany supporting their entire infrastructure+keeping the "shoah" lie alive 70+ years later IN OUR CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS), if I were ever sent to prison, I wouldn't have the luxuries those assholes had back then. Minus the lice spreading Typhus and Typhoid in water, plus Allied bombing supply lines and causing starvation, not so by the Germans, those "prisons" were resorts. Recently committed a crime? How would you like to take a swim in our luxurious pool? How about a relaxing sit in the sauna after a hard day at the nursery where children are allowed to be born? Enjoy orchestras and theatre, sports teams of fencing and soccer, and if you're hurt there's dentists and a hospital. Sure, you have to support the state in prison factories, with jobs you'd be working anyway. If you need to unwind though, the brothel's just around the corner. All this damn lice? Good thing a complex system of eliminating the problem was created with concern in mind to stamp out the threat until supplies were bombed. But the jews would NEVER avoid all possible images of the delousing machines in order to perpetuate deceptive atrocity propaganda, would they? Such a noble fucking people. And now the holohoax truth thread is hit by the 404 bug. See here:
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