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This is their plan for all of Europe. First accomplished, Mossad engaged in terror attacks (9/11) to blame the Muslims. The majority were confused back then, why go into Iraq when (already dead but they didn't know) Osama Bin Laden was in Afghanistan? "Weapons of mass destruction" was the excuse. The same excuse as Iran these days, pushed by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for decades. Now Muslims are flooding into all European regions BUT Poland. Why? Poland had the majority jewish population pre-WW2, now shadowed by increasing kikes in these countries. Thus Poland, Israel, and the United States seek closed borders for the protection of what kikes think is a "pure race of jews" when all they are is mixed degeneracy pushing mutts. Jews know what the Aryan races are capable of. Push us too far, and we rebel en masse to remove them from power. National Socialist Germany proved that, of course. Keep our people luke warm and gradually raise the temperature, a small number may jump out of the huge boiling pot. The rest will unfortunately be cooked before they realize what's going on. The elimination of Aryan races through invading non-white populations as well as pushing multi-culturalism and miscegenation (plus homosexuality, attraction to anime dakimakura pillows replace women, bronies etc. while pushing for the lesbian feminist agenda+MGTOW) until 1488 is no longer relevant and the entire world is brown.
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