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The 90s? This is a template from the kikes to subvert non-jews, especially Aryans, to stop reproducing They tried this in 1920s Weimar Republic. Faggots, lesbians, bestiality, pedophilia. If we don't have hyperinflation of our currency to fuck us and wake the rest up from this degeneracy, jews will succeed in the same past miscegenation as the Persian and Roman Empires. Do you think Muslims and southern Italians "always used to be" brown? They weren't. This is a kike game as old as time. See Der Mythus des 20. Jahr-hunderts.
>"an attractive tranny"
No such thing. Do not gradually submit to the jewish agenda that's prevalent on boards such as /b/ across multiple imageboards and 4chins/pol/. You want to know what male to female post-op tranny has to go through? Pic related. Warning: Don't open while eating.
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