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Are fucking serious? You're taking that seriously?
>Masons from all over the world attended and I played along
>Stayed with a girl who looked like an ET (she was) and she poisoned me
>My parents also turned into Harry Potter characters
>He has had two false flag events dedicated to him.
??? There was no "him" referenced previously.
>I knew it wasn't a real school (run by actual fucking ETs)
>They even put fake shapeshifting kids in there.
>It was Hitler who cloned us
>creationism is set up differently.. with ETs basically
>Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry were cloned by Hitler
>The weather is geo fucking engineered to kill people.
This is why I banned him for 1 minute (around 6am) to leave the message. Pure fucking insanity meant to try to make the rest of us look stupid by proxy.