Anonymous 11/12/2017 (Sun) 16:43:33 Id: 453e92 No. 61517 del
>As for ulterior motives I remain skeptical on that, I’m of the mindset that hotwheels was simply a dumb fuck that got taken for a ride by jim and those yidbergs he was working for. He used to post on 4chon and wizchan - odi and co are not highly experienced so there is always a chance something similar could happen to them, and if that situation comes about we pack our bags and fuck off to changolia.
Buy that poses a more interesting question. Why are so many later day anons, well so, technically inept? I mean look at this fool here:
> I just hate being constantly reminded of how much image boards have taken up my life when I give up lurking on 'em in general. I need to find better ways to spend time on my phone or at home.

Now here's the thing what fucking bullshit trade are you in that you are thirsty for browsing a chan over a fucking cellphone, the least safe thing to use for communications nowaday? Really why? Are you that fucking full retard that you must phone post like a fucking baboon over your sleek mirror?