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Hitler's speeches complete. It took me awhile, because I had to put in his reactions to the "murder camps" lie that were posted in a thread slid off by the spam. Also included is the explanation of the Night of Long Knives.
The JDL and ADL are combing the internet, taking down Hitler speech sites. Save. Distribute. Spread the truth.

(As promised, it's shittily formatted. 1,000x worse if it was a .txt file. Let me know if there's anything wrong.)
h ttps://!ND5DSLKD!X6S7n_RmGmyve1LWEdrMqvBzKSaQPsocLJOE1Cvt7gg

Uncheck the mega desktop app

Use these. Join a party of 7, recruit door to door, get the attention of a local newspaper, rise to leadership, remove jews, etc. Also obligatory:
h ttps://w Proper subtitles, not fake bullshit.
Is not my channel btw.
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