Anonymous 10/17/2017 (Tue) 17:50:11 Id: 92fe66 No. 57417 del
Currently the Kurds in Iraq are totally collapsing, Iraqi army continues advancing

Developments Oct 17
>Tiger forces complete final phase of Mayadin op, clearing Muhassan, Bo Lil, Bo Omar, and al-Abd
>SDF: Raqqa declared cleared, last IS fighters transported out to an undisclosed location
>Sy MoD: Israeli jet violated Sy airspace before missile response
>SAA liberates town of Janenah on the Euphrates
>Netanyahu: It's unacceptable for Syrian forces to target Israeli jets
>Iraqi Armed Forces have taken control of Rabi'a border crossing on Syrian border
>Highest ranking ISIS commander reportedly killed by SyAAF in Quraytayn
>Shoigu: Operation in Syria nearing completion, still many issues to tackle
>SAA discovers more Israeli made weapons in IS storage facility
>H Homs: jihadist rebels break cease-fire and attack SAA positions, several civis killed
>E Ghouta:Rebels break ceas-fire and shell with mortar&missile fire Damasc,4 civis dead,9injured
>Peshmerga have abandoned city of Sinjar, Yazidi led PMU have asserted control of the city
>~11 Peshmerga killed during brief battle for Kirkuk

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