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Developments Oct 13
>SAA encircles IS in Mayadin & DeZ city
>Ru MOD:1k IS fighters with tanks&artillery entered Sy from Iraq. 450 attacked SAA and came from US controled area
>IS retakes Al-Jafrah oil field from SDF (Hasakah CS)
>SDF:IS to be driven out of Raqqa within 3 days
>E Ghouta:Ceasefire deal reached with JaI, SAA starts offensive against HTS
>HTS counterattacks IS and re-capture 5 villages in Hama CS
>Reports:50 vehicles and 150 Turkish troops enter Idlib and capture several villages
>SAA begins huge offensive agains IS in S Damascus, ceasefire deal reached with JaI in Egypt for S Damascus
>Daraa rebels deploy tanks, cannons, missiles in new offensive against ISIS
>50+ died in IS car bomb blast near DeZ-Hasaka border
>Turkey releases Sy pilot captured in March
>Talks on safe passage for Raqqa civilians halted
>Kurdish fighters on alert as Kurdistan says Iraqi troops preparing assault on Kirkuk
>Houthi forces ambush Saudi soldiers in Najran killing 4