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>So what's happening with the kurds?
Embargoed by all directions and nobody recognizes their independence
Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey are all attacking them or have troops near their frontlines

>they recently had a referendum in Iran
That was Iraq and the US did not support or recognize the Kurdish referendum and is reportedly withdrawing troops from Kurdish areas currently
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>If reports of US base evacuation in Makhmor true, indication of green light for ISF... Kurds on their own now, be prepared not expect help

>for independence. Kurdistan soon? Or will we get a united Arab war?
Neither, it will be a slow conflict and basically siege against the Kurds for a while, Iraq is repairing pipelines to bypass Kurdish areas and starve them from oil taxation while Turkey and Iran and blocking imports

Also reminder that the Kurds are unironic Marxists who support ANTIFA