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>regular fight between Turkey and US begun
TBH i wouldn't expect much to really happen
The US technically backs both the FSA (and Turkish tFSA units) along with the Kurds/SDF simultaneously and tend to avoid any direct conflict with the Turkish military. Also this isn't the first time.
> Some of the US-led Kurdish units... Abandoned their bosses and switched sides to fight along the Turks. I have no idea what could make Kurds join the Turkish forces, but US had to fuck up big time:
Most of the updates are copy pasted from the various other /sg/s and this happened actually several other times recently, not really a mystery and its likely related to the US abandoning the FSA and pulling out of the base in Al-Tanf
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Those that didnt join the SDF/Kurds typically fled to Jordan or joined the SAA/NDF(Syrian army/National defense forces)