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Developments Oct 11
>RU MOD:IS seized 2 aid convoys with food&medicine for civis. They operated in the US controlled areas
>RU MOD:600 IS militants on pickup trucks infiltrated through US zone al-Tanf, Russia demands explanation
>DeZ:Backed by RuAF, SAA stormed IS positions at the Al-‘Arfi District, capturing several building blocks
>Raqqa:SDF,IS negotiate surrender of the city and a safe pass to DeZ prov
>Mayadin:SAA liberate 60%,RuAf-182 airstrikes on IS past 24h,killing 70 militants identified as nationals of CIS states and Algeria
>3 suicide bombers attack Sy police HQ in Damascus,2 civis dead,6 injured
>Syrian FM:US-led coalition destroying anything but IS
>US-led coalition forces conducted 176 strikes on IS in Iraq&Sy
>Former IS-linked FSA commander will open a military academy to train new militants to ‘liberate’ Syria from Assad
>Konashenkov; RuAf has destroyed the economic infrastructure of ISIS in Sy, they no longer have the resources to purchase weapons/recruit mercs
>Iraq ordered to arrest members of kurdistan independence referendum commission
>Houthis foil Saudi offensive in Najran, killing 10
>IS prepares large-scale offensive in Yemen against Houthis

VKS work yesterday:
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