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CD Jackson was a Deputy in the Psychological Warfare Division responsible for creating the narrative of the holocaust. Albert G. Rosenberg was on the team for Buchenwald, as was Billy Wilder, the jew Hollywood movie director. They who created the lie about "human skin" lampshades, gloves for Ilse Koch, shrunken heads, jew soap, pelvis bone ashtrays, etc. This is all being put together in my holocaust hoax .pdf I'm still working on. My point being, trusting German sources living after 1945 on any subject of disparaging National Socialists of WW2 would be a mistake. The ((media)) has since controlled the narrative.

Also to the Anglin shill who evaded the ban, I don't read James W. Loewen's books. That was a single infographic. You contribute nothing but defense of your favorite controlled ops by not actually defending them, but slandering any who point out their anti-white agendas. Get fucked.
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