Anonymous 10/10/2017 (Tue) 22:58:49 Id: 92fe66 No. 57155 del
>Diplomatic meeting which nearly every country does means being an Israeli puppet
Are you somehow implying that the US and its puppets are not kike controlled or that Russia somehow isn't acting against the interests of Israel more so?
As far as i am concerned this is a black and white issue, countries which support Syria, Iran and work against Israel are the better option, those that oppose Iranian expansion and openly support Israel including attacks against the Syrian military itself are clearly inferior and more Kike influenced/controlled than others.

Also take the Muh Russia D&C to another thread or make a new one, otherwise I'm just going to consider you a derailing shill here and ignore you, i never claimed Putin was completely kike free and haven't been discussing internal Russian politics/Putin.
Your posts/discussion don't contribute to the thread.