Anonymous 10/10/2017 (Tue) 22:23:50 Id: 079f87 No. 57149 del
>The way they have absolute control over the internet but don't remove the Hitler stuff

I think your giving the Jews too much credit. No one person or group has total control over the internet's content as it is being spread widely. However they do have control over the infrastructure. If they were to want something specific shut down that would be difficult because they would be faced with two options: 1) shut down the entire internet or 2) risk the censored content being backed up and spread elsewhere beyond the ability to completely stop it.

Note that #1 would have to be super duper damage control and outside of some kind of nuclear damning event they won't dare pull that option because all their sheckles would be at risk.

One could essentially make a similar argument why they would allow /pol/ to expose them so much. Perhaps they don't consider us a big enough threat to pull nuclear damage control to shut down the entire web.