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Developments Oct 7
>SAA liberates Al-Mayadeen Airport to cut key terrorist supply line, 50% of city liberated. RuAF airstrikes kill 80
>SAA recaptures entire Palmyra-DeZ highway after expelling IS from Hayl Gas Field
>Reports:IS leadership abandoned Mayadeen, city empty of civis
>N Hama:SAA repells HTS new offensive to take Abu Dali
>E Ghouta: JaI reverses the SAA gains near the town of Hawsh Dawahra
>Erdogan:Turkey ready to start Idlib operation backed by RuAF. Reports of clashes with HTS in Hadad
>SAA tightens siege on jihadists in Golan Heights pocket
>Assad rejects Iraqi Kurdistan referendum
>RU MOD: 180 terrorists killed in Euphrates Valley
>Syrian military command announces end of east Homs operation, 1800km2 liberated
>SDF storms Wasiah village S al-Suwar taking half of it. SDF advanced 9km towards Markada town S al-Hasakah cs
>Saudi-led Coalition blacklisted by UN for killing children in Yemen
>Yemen Houthi forces vow to attack Saudi Arabia
>Turkey moving tanks toward Hatay region near borders with Kurdish parts of Syira

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