Anonymous 10/07/2017 (Sat) 06:07:58 Id: ff9d06 No. 56914 del
Most of the MSMfags where I am are saying ISIS is just bluffing and pushing the 'le mentally ill huwite male' meme, and I overlook that 'fourth floor' shit because there's a lot of other things that could be making that flash and it doesn't like up perfectly with the gunshots when audio is ran through a visualizer and video is gone through frame by frame(although I could be doing this wrong, it's worth doing several times to ensure certainty)

If you have ever been to vegas there are a lot of flashing stobe lights and reflective surfaces, I don't think there was anyone on the fourth floor, 32 is masonic numerology and 32+4 = 36 which holds no meaning to them. 32, 33, 22, etc all do. That could be anything in the video, from a strobe light, to something they gave out at the concert, to another shooter, to a reflection, this seems more simple than that though - not a hoax, but a false flag gone wrong.