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Developments Oct6

>According to a military report, the Syrian Army, alongside the Russian Special Forces, have completely encircled the city of Quraytayn, and have just entered the city
>Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army was able to reach Al-Mayadeen today after liberating Qala’at Al-Rahbah to the southwest of the city
>Russian MoD; Mi-28 helicopter that went down in eastern Hama was forced to make an emergency landing, was not shot down by ISIS
>HTS surprise offensive in Hama, managed to capture some points at the start of their offensive; however, their advance was ultimately forestalled once they attempted to enter Abu Dali village
>The UN blacklisted the Saudi Arabian-led coalition in its report submitted to the Security Council for killing and injuring children, also lists Houthis, govt forces, pro-gov militia, AQ-AP
>SAA resumed their offensive in the Beit Jinn pocket of the Golan Heights, managed to capture Tal Dhib’at
>SAA was able to liberate the Al-Hayl Gas Field on Thursday
>Iraqi Armed Forces continue advance in Hawija District, today, liberating several sites including Al-Muhammadiyah
>Iraqi ambassador to Russia, Baghdad ready for talks with Kurds

Most likely it will be like the deal with Turkey where Russia doesnt hand over complete S-400 systems but only the trucks and partial blueprints while most of the systems are produced locally
Also very likely to be compromised by the Russians and to include backdoors, also IIRC S-400 systems deployed abroad are network linked and launches can be cancelled from Moscow, but this may apply specifically to S-400 systems in Syria
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