Anonymous Board volunteer 10/04/2017 (Wed) 19:28:13 Id: 61182f No. 56786 del
Hjalmar Schacht was the genius behind Germany's economic recovery. It should be noted, his name is rarely drug through the mud (as Hitler's name obviously is). From issuing the Mefo bill in exchange for labor and services, Germany's economy was strengthened. Aski Marks for foreign trade could not be converted by currency exchange. The fact that he was acquitted of the obvious lies at the Nuremberg trial, and was found sympathetic to jews by giving them aid, though we know this is the behavior of a scumbag: I believe spreading the word of this man with his kike defending bullshit may help the cause. We should change minds about Hitler as well. However, we must first circumvent international jewry's typical tricks. They neglected to fabricate evidence against this man, though truly the reason Roosevelt, Leslie Hore-Belisha, Churchill and Stalin agitated Germany into war was Schacht's solution for a classless economy.

tl;dr You can sell Hjalmar Schacht any way you want, and jews will have no recourse. No previous deceptions to fall back on.