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The conclusions are correct. When you make enemies and then you're murdered, it's very likely those enemies were behind it. And the end of that video as to what Jack Ruby / Jacob Rubenstein confessed is the most important part of all.
The problem with Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn is that after he criticized National Socialists with Jesuiten, Spie├čer und Bolschewiken and The Menace of the Herd (trying to hide under Francis S. Campbell), he could not return to Austria even though he was a Habsburg Empire aristocrat. As a member of the bourgeoisie, obviously never speaking against bourgeoisie, and anti-National Socialism caused his self-exile, his motives are suspicious.
>Professor Theodore Fred Abel the Pollack
You do realize the majority concentration of jews were in Poland? Pollacks were violently against Germans. Not just the NSDAP. All Germans.
>you are however insistent that Catholics were for Hitler
No I wasn't. I found this Catholic voters path a strange turn, and only pointed out the motives of Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn. I don't give a shit about the primary or lesser religions of voters for Hitler.

He gets that a lot.