Anonymous 09/13/2017 (Wed) 14:42:02 Id: 88e217 No. 55522 del
Just because there's physical differences as well as different existential historical background of the drama that the biological ancestors had believed and had done doesn't mean the progenitors of their ancestors are their ancestors, doesn't mean that they think the same way, doesn't mean that they are the same being, doesn't negate the hard facts of biology that humans are similar to other humans in not being anything else but human, doesn't negate the diversity of the major and minor races of humanity, doesn't mean that people can't change their culture in time, doesn't mean that culture cannot change, doesn't mean that culture is identity, doesn't mean that physical identity is one's personality, doesn't mean that personality is solely predetermined by physical factors, doesn't mean that culture is 100% directly determined by genes and environment, doesn't mean that genes and environment is culture itself, doesn't mean that all forms of culture is bad culture, doesn't mean that culture isn't groupthink, doesn't mean that groupthink isn't a real phenomenon, doesn't mean a real phenomemon is an objective phenomenon, doesn't mean an objective phenomenon solely predetermines subjective phenomenon on a wide scale in all similar living sentient beings, doesn't mean that phenomenon affects noumenon, doesn't mean that psyche = psyche tou pantos, doesn't mean the Nous needs to do anything for it to be defined, doesn't mean the Monad needs to do anything for it to be defined. (cont.)