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>I guess that overloaded your circuitry
Yea, sorry, your "meming" was just too witty for me.
>You took a decent part of this thread trying to prove otherwise
It's a difficult thing to say. Because every regular lodge is of that persuasion. You can't be certain that the members won't be idiot baby boomers who don't realise it.
> If I went to check that, and they denied me, you would simply claim that it's some other lodge
M8, those kinds of things should be public, but the fact is, there isn't one single Masonic monolithic organisation. It's hundreds of separate ones, so if you're in Austria or Serbia, you might be denied entry, in contrast to one of the 104 USA separate Grand Lodges who would probably be happy to do give you data sheets. (Or at least 103, because Arkansas is experiencing some kind of schism right now)
>Also, mind showing us which teachings of Freemasonry actually promote nationalism?
Part of the obligation of the 1st degree is being dutiful to your country of birth, and later in the SWs charge, it points out how you "must never lose sight of that allegiance owed to that land whence you derived your birth and infant nurture."
A lot of the other parts are in allegory, such as how foreigners are the quarrelsome ones who refuse to assimilate and end up killing Hiram Abiff. Or how the work done by the Craftsmen was for the glory and prestige of the nation as a whole, which drew attacks from neighbouring states.