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‘Prayer Warrior’ For Trump Trumpets His Jewish Roots

A televangelist who says his prayers stopped a tsunami and who believes Donald Trump was chosen by God is leading a mass prayer campaign in support of the president — as part of a months-long protective effort called POTUS Shield.

Frank Amedia, previously a “Christian policy liaison” for Trump’s campaign, and a self-proclaimed “prayer warrior,” launched a project with other “prophets” or “apostles” to create a protective “shield of prayer” around Trump’s presidency.

In the interview about his background, Amedia said he belonged to a Conservative synagogue but became frustrated with the faith. “I was interested in, how do we get back into relationship where he see God,” he said. Amedia moved to a farm, built an altar and began to “perform sacrifices to bring down the presence of God.”


The evangelical leader is not alone in evoking Jewish roots. Other figures, including other self-proclaimed Trump-supporting prophets, do the same.

For example, the evangelist Lance Wallnau — who, incidentally, also says he prophesied Trump’s rise — also claims Jewish roots.