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The Trump thread is a containment one, it's there so that all the other Trump threads can be deleted
yeah, there are a few threads that should've been removed instead of being locked, but the mods are doing a great job otherwise, not perfect but a vast improvement over their past deeds
>"socialsim" (code word for communism)
Who cares about semantics, I'm talking about the system where the means of production are owned by the government/public
Capitalism is idiotic even in its theory, the entire idea is that whatever brings money is what people invest in. In the end we have almost the entire population working on crap that nobody needs (selling money, PR, advertisement, creating a bicyle from scratch because it's cheaper than to buy the bicyle patent, robots not used because human labor is cheaper, I can go on and on). Just analyze the jobs around you if you've never done it, you'd be shocked to see that almost any occupation has no meaning apart from making sure Capitalist (((A))) gets the profit over Capitalist (((B))), bureaucracy and/or artificially created demand (e.g. forget your dusty iPhone 27, iPhone 28 is what you really need to be trendy!) or making products intentionally worse so that they break sooner.
Why socialism often failed is a different story and should be reviewed in a case by case basis, I personally have a theory that the socialist countries were actually a one huge capitalist corporation and their production was massively used as exports. That's not really the case if socialism is global, since it's more of a result of capitalist countries influencing/owning the socialist countries like I theorize
Report&Hide the bad threads like all normal people do
>one shill
I highly doubt that the niggerspammer, RPD, Newsspammer, GLRtard, kampfy and Hasbara Hitlerspammer is one person. Probably two or three.
>suggests he is an agent of police \ shills \ gov
I've heard many criticisms about the moderation and made a bunch myself, but from all of the criticisms Hanlons razor works best here, I don't think it was intentional.
Also what a "net forum" is exactly? Something like (((Stormfront)))?

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