Anonymous 07/17/2017 (Mon) 11:16:04 Id: 2377bd No. 49226 del
>Maybe there are, I don't know. I am getting better at picking this faggot up and he is ramping up the spam as a result, I am doing everything I can to mitigate it.

Its not enough. And lets just assume you find a way to mitigate our resident shill, then he just calls for help from the other full time keyboard shills in his office.

Really the whole concept of an anon board is flawed.

a.) A single full time highly active shill can shit up a 50 anon board easily, and have spare time for other shilling activities.

b.) Internet anonymity is largely in the past. Western governments today have dozens of laws that allow them to ID users.

Anon boards were good 10 years ago when governments and police were not shilling, and didn't have power to uncover user IDs.
Today they are obsolete. I think /pol/ should discard boards and move to net forums, which offer a small amount of anonymity.
On a forum, mods can ban shills, and their web address. They can choose to only allow approved members. Tor users can be disallowed ( Tor doesn't give anonymity these days anyway ), so shills can't dodge bans too easily.

This is an obvious move and should have been suggested by the BO after endchan ( created as an escape from the 8chan shillzone ) caught the plague of shills as soon as it was launched.

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