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>just copies and pastes his faggotry
Nope. He's stuttering and supporting Zionism.
Richard Spencer - "uh I would just add uh I I think most of the alt right would recognize that jews have their own identity. Um, and that they're not European. I think this tell a jew that he's a man of the west or European is to really undermine him. Uh, jews have a very different history than Europeans, uh people who defined European society and European culture. I think its a it's a very sensible and down to earth way to recognize that jews are jews. And also that I I might disagree with a great deal of Zionist policy, but! Ah, excuse me, not Zionist policy um, Israeli policy. Foreign policy. But I actually fundamentally understand the impulse towards Zionism. The impulse for Zionism is fundamentally a nationalistic impulse. It's a concept of usness. They didn't Zionism was not created so that a Democracy, whatever that means, could be installed in the middle east. Zionism was created to protect the jewish people and fundamentally to protect jewish history and jewish religion. So I understand that nationalist impulse. I think saying that jews are just white or European, I think that's to undermine jews. Uh, jews are a sep- they are their own people."
Asker - "Do you think there's a conspiracy?"
Spencer - "Well uh uh uh I would echo what Jared said, when you say cons- I think when people say a conspiracy that's kind of like the racist word. It's not a real word, like are you a racist, you know? That kind of thing. It's it's just a, you know, when you hear conspiracy, you hear conspiracy theory and like the queen of England is a reptile and she is ruling you. You know, it's it's ridiculous. Um, I I think that you would, I mean, in in terms of over representation in left-wing movements and so on, uh that is obvious. Um, is there is there something about uh jews that they feel a certain apartness from society that might lead them torwards being becoming interested in certain ideas or movements. I think there's a lot to that. I think that makes sense, intellectually. But say there's a conspiracy, like you can open up a room and there are these people in there scheming about destroying the world, or the white race, tha that's ridiculous."