Anonymous 07/16/2017 (Sun) 13:40:02 Id: 335bc5 No. 49172 del
>ignores the problem
>deflects onto another alleged problem
> if a poster focuses on a particular issue, accuse him of 'not being honest' because he's not telling all the truth about everything and anything related.

nice work shlomo

You haven't posted evidence or argument for or against the issue victims vs false victims. Some of the victim sites look shody, like only getting photographs for 50% of the victims, some of the photos are crap and B&W, which is absurd for year 2001. Also it would be useful to the kikes to set up and run shody victim memorial sites so as to group the victim family community, but then frustrate it and lead it nowhere. Just like endchan is doing with freethinkers.