Newfags come here Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 10:58:40 Id: cc9943 No. 48015 del
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There is an issue on end/pol/ and that is the newfags that left freemasonchan but didn't remove all the shill pushed ideas from their brains.
One of these things is the so called "nigger programming", that made them blindly hate all other races. Miscegenation and multiculturalism are the two things I'm opposed to, but I see no reason to hate Swahilis if they all stay in east africa e.t.c. Advocating for genocide because some ethnic groups are dumb and violent is the same as advocating for the extinction of animals since they are dumb and violent too.
We need to be united against the bigger enemy, creating internal hatred among us is what benefits the jew, the freemason and the capitalist.
The reason migration exists in the first place is because of jewish wars and jewish theft, if capitalists didn't own the majority of production and resources in nonwhite countries and didn't make up wars there would be exactly 0 refugees