Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 02:46:44 Id: b52b1c No. 43348 del
(353.48 KB 650x650 54532534254321.png)
>not filling in those threads with garbage data
>you probably don't even bother to shitpost on reddit with a bunch of throwaway sock puppet accounts, do you?

shills want you to post on /newsplus/, 4chan, reddit, and other mainstream social media and fake news because it keeps them afloat

they are attention vampires. give them no attention and they starve.

Big warning here. some anons suggested lying to these threads. DO NOT LIE IN ANY WAY THAT CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU.

do not tell lies that may be dangerous, or about fictional crimes to these bad people even if they are totally fabricated.

keep in mind even lies may hold small pieces of the truth.

also, why are we letting these data miners shit up the board, the whole website, the whole internet?

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