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shills are telling everyone all kinds of lies to make them more likely to be infected or even try to trick people to go out and spread the disease themselves.

h ttps://
>shill thread designed to trick people into spreading HIV (two of the many ways it can be spread are through blood and semen)
>period blood or cum in TEA
>to make another person drink

>"the risk of getting HIV is 1%
>"you would have to fuck 92 people to get aids"
>Of the 24,936 HIV-positive cases reported from 1984 to 2015, 93% (23,291) were infected through sexual contact of which 79% (18,023) was through homosexual and bisexual contact while heterosexual contact comprised the remaining 14% (3,273).

they are telling people lies so that they trick people into having unsafe sex and getting HIV

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