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It doesn't matter if you report. He then comes on Tor and spams niggers. That is the nigger spammer, if you're not already aware. Hates Hitler and Nazis, like every jew.

Pure ethnic groups doesn't mean culture has been preserved. (Give the Muslims awhile, those will be gone as well). I haven't seen evidence to the contrary. "Culture" seems nearly eradicated everywhere. It's "racist" to celebrate white pride. America had culture before the trans-atlantic slave trade. Everything seemed to dumb down after that. We may have been founded by masonic faggots, but the vast majority of us aren't masons. Don't get me wrong. I'm as pissed at American government for shilling to the zionists as this guy: >>43216 >>43217 But I can't write off my country when pure white men and women still exist here.

We need to remove the jews from power, in every nation, so that they don't lead one nation against another, and the remaining shit races couldn't manage to keep ((multi cultural)) propaganda running.