Anonymous 05/19/2017 (Fri) 18:33:35 Id: 963943 No. 43289 del
Doesn't help that he finally makes a public appearance after all this time.
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I don't know what to believe too, anon. If I put on a tinfoil hat, I could easily claim that it's a body double. I wouldn't want to make that claim, let alone believe it. Although I have to input that in all this time of lurking, there's been batshit claims about body doubles being an actual thing and how the elites use them to replace people who stand in their way, but can't necessarily kill them off. In a practical sense it would be too useful to use and stupid not to. Reminder that kyle odom claimed that quite a bit of members of Congress are lizard people. Again, not agreeing with him, but taking into account info that has been thrown out there that wouldn't be too hard to believe at this point.

Whether he's "alive" or not shouldn't be an issue though. The issue still stands that there was massive amounts of fuckery in October of '16 and for all intents and purposes wikileaks is compromised. It could very well be deflection off of that fact and possibly bait people who are still digging into the blockchain to have them come out of the woodwork to catch them.