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"this THIS has AUTISM"
Pic related, shitposter. "Wahh, you're stalking me :(" you cried. But then you follow me around everywhere. Fuck off, everybody hates you.
>he clearly outed himself either as a shill or a normfag
Do you enjoy seeing these screenshots of your mental retardation? Oh and by the way, >>43156
AHAHAHAHAHA. Do you have your three year old type for you? I'm guessing not, and you're literally retarded.

I agree with everything here completely.

I'm waiting for you to explain in detail precisely what culture has been preserved in your particular white country, as well as name that country. Also, jews were the subject when I was replying to ID:752035 who said "Your country is completely fucked and corrupted to its judeo-masonic core". Now then. Name me a predominantly white (since none exist "wholly" white anymore) country that is NOT fucked in this same regard. I'm letting my emotions get the best of me? Are you fucking serious? When there are personal attacks like this:
And I'm only responding, not even in defense of my country because I recognize how fucked America is. Only to point out that nobody's shit doesn't stink. It's funny that you accuse me of what I was actually trying to accomplish. My entire purpose of responding was to make that poster realize the bigger picture "frame"/world view beyond self interest.

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