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You should've mentioned reclaiming Africa originally, instead of immediately with the "don't send them back!" bullshit against exactly what you believe, to send them back. Fuck.. Okay, Israel has atomic weapons. I would cut this video down and post it, but I don't have time.
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The best way to truly make Israel the enemy in the eyes of the masses is to goad the bastards into using those weapons. On us? Hell no. Red-pill entire mud race nations against Israel. Do you want white people dead to nuclear weapons, or shitskins?
>lack of border control insinuates it's the niggers getting in
I live in mid-Texas. That's dead wrong. Beaners are another problem, but not intelligent. They're another secondary problem to the subversive jews propagandizing ((multi culturalism)). Do you have any idea how many white wives I meet on a daily basis in my social job who are married to Mexican men? It turns my fucking stomach.

The fact of the matter is, we're outnumbered because they have bluepilled all the mud races and the majority of the white races. As I said, the young and impressionable and the soft-hearted women who can't think for themselves. Those numbers need to be turned against the enemy. Their tools and weapons should be ours against them. And then we are far more intelligent than the shitskins. When the jews are out, we will be so organized and trained that the niggers won't stand a chance.

Nowhere did I suggest a compromise.

There's no need for subversion to continue against an obviously decent plan of operation. I understand you hate them. I hate them. It doesn't matter. The gravest threat must be dealt with, and then undeveloped and hopelessly naive minds of our side will cross over. I must sleep for my day job.