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Therein lies the problem. See, I don't have a nature where I call everyone a kike unless it's very clear jew behavior. Such as that shitposter with aswagwag.jpg type of filenames who's "pro real christian but anti christian", "pro Talmud but anti Talmud", anti Hitler. That's an obvious jew. My own people have idiots in their midst in real life, however. I believe this is due to inbreeding, sometimes "keeping it in the family" to "keep it white". I'm surprised you haven't met the type in person. Those idiots who believe Hitler really did gas da jews. Following him because they think he coined "master race", and believing Hitler despised all other races but the German race. When actually, he meant each nation should preserve their ancient cultures and not mix breeds.
So is Germany, after they were dominated for decades by the Soviet Bolshevik jews. If you want to be disgusted with any nation's whites for ((multiculturalism)), you must despise all nations.