Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 21:03:59 Id: fc2164 No. 42846 del
And you can't see that to remove the jew you must either remove or pacify their tools of destruction. I don't think you want to be friendly with them, I think you want to try and turn them against their masters which is an ultimately futile endeavor.

>Every one except kikes benefits by knowing about the relationship kikes have with non-jews. Only a kike would try to frame things in a manner so as to avoid such a thing from happening.
I agree with this entirely, but I don't want to entertain your delusion that there is merely a criminal 'element' to niggery. They are entirely criminal to the core, and are impossible to exist in or contribute to any society that is majority white, in such a society they will always be a detriment to the white population, do you think whites deserve to live near animals that hate them on an instinctual level? Because I don't.
No amout of "redpilling" will remove their desire to destroy civilized society or pacify their actions that drive said quality of white life down, you must realize that if whites are to secure our existence, we must do so entirely seperate from mud-races.

Fuck off subversive idiot, kikes are semitic in origin and therefore nonwhite.