Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 08:39:29 Id: 53c0c0 No. 42772 del
Exactly. On all your posts. Two steps forward and three steps back, because every so-called national socialist gives me shit for every single plan I devise. Of course what I'm proposing isn't new. That's why I posted images of George Lincoln Rockwell. I can't progress with any plan as they are contradicted left and right. In the way Hitler noticed the jews arguing with him, those are the same tactics I encounter frequently from people who are supposed to be "national socialists". There is no possible way we can advance by constantly being at odds with each other. There is no comradery anymore. No sense of brotherhood. No determined plan for removal of the jews to secure our own existence. The fault in this lies with weak hearted people. Those who gave in and surrendered when they were being invaded, instead of dying as vicious fighters to the end. Every leader who ushers in a great movement, dies with that movement because the people are cowards. They would rather live under the tyranny of jewish rule than die for what they believe.