Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 05:54:41 No. 42749 del
>The problem is that niggers are incapable of contributing to white society, why should we help them in any way? This is the same liberal cuckoldry that got us into this position.

You sound like a fucking kike. This is an issue of strategy faggot. If blacks are informed about kikes then it helps whites because whites don't get the blame for all the shit jews have done to blacks. This is very useful. There will always be a criminal element among blacks, but having the entirety become aware of what kikes have been doing will direct their animosity and hostility toward kikes.

Every one except kikes benefits by knowing about the relationship kikes have with non-jews. Only a kike would try to frame things in a manner so as to avoid such a thing from happening.

SA and Rhodesia could never have occurred if kikes and masons didn't sabotage the white populations resisting the kike led communist blacks.

Haiti is a different issue. The french were far outnumbered and technology wasn't such that they could mow down waves of feral niggers.

You're using a basic kike tactic of projecting by posting that picture and associating it with poster >>42582, who is posting what should be well accepted as the best strategy for whites, and non-white non-jewish interests.

The jew must not be allowed to hide. Every race has been fucked by them. Let every race learn.