Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 05:44:05 No. 42747 del
The problem isn't their IQ. The problem is the teacher. The concepts are simple enough. The issue is the delivery. Each individual has a different frame of reference even if there are large overlapping concepts for their frame of reference for reality.

So, when attempting to get the truth out to them, one must know the audience and if you don't know the audience, you probe and feel them out. And you use indirect methods of educating them.

This isn't fucking rocket science. I get pissed off at the stupidity of the average individual too. It's frustrating to know certain things that aren't complicated and the average man-child doesn't give a fuck or the issues aren't raised well on my part.

So, this is advertising and behavioral science 101. Treat it that way.

1) know the audience or feel them out
2) determine what will cause fear or outrage in them.
3) tailor your message in such a manner as to elicit that fear and/or outrage, all while avoiding the all too common kike attitude conditioned reflexive responses.
4) repeat the message frequently and pair it with stimuli that they will encounter daily so the issue keeps popping up in their minds.

It's as simple as continually attacking things like the federal reserve and how it devalues our purchasing power. Attacking the federal reserve is a core issue and you never have to mention kikes. They'll realize it at some point or open up to it after looking into the federal reserve more.

Comment on how local county commissioners look and function just like the communist russian Kommisars.

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