Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 23:39:51 Id: fc2164 No. 42715 del
I called you a kike because you ignored history. The idea that whites and blacks/muslims can unite against the jew has been tried before and failed, I also called you a kike because you entertained this thought:
>turn the nigger weapon against them.

This is impossible due to genetic factors that you are either ignorant of or willfully choose to ignore, is reasonable that I see you as an enemy for entertaining this. What's your endgame? Some white ethnostate where niggers get to exist too as a lower class? Look how well that worked for South Africa, Rhodesia, and Haiti.

I'd be willing to redpill niggers without hiding the impression that we must remain seperate and are not equal, but try telling them that. Our number one priority must be becoming a sovereign race, free of mud and free of jewry.