Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 22:58:07 Id: fc2164 No. 42698 del
The problem is that niggers are incapable of contributing to white society, why should we help them in any way? This is the same liberal cuckoldry that got us into this position.
>muh based niggers are so much stronger than lil white boi we need them to overthrow the kikes
It's honestly pathetic and doesn't acknowledge the genetic factors that make niggers such a useful tool of destruction.

>b-but anon we can use that destructive nature to overthrow the kikes
And after that they will revert to their natural state and attempt to overthrow us - history has shown us this with SA, Rhodesia, and Haiti - and you're just looking to create the same conditions that lead to whites having to coexist with niggers and die at their hand. You sound like some alt-kike niggerlover tbh.

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