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And you can blow me, rabbi. I know jews (and the nigger spammer, who is also jew) are the only ones buttfurious about Jesus. I have seen jews physically spit when Jesus is mentioned. I am not cucked. I do not turn the other cheek. I do not let it ((slide)) when jews like you try to turn us away to your moschiach. I will be beheaded for my beliefs when the jewish messiah comes (not the real messiah that jews reject). The comment section under those articles are more enlightened than the shit articles themselves.
The first:
The funny thing is that the Talmud was written AFTER Jesus Christ and was completed only by 500 AD. It took the pharisees some 300 years between 200 and 500 AD to complete the Talmud. Even wikipedia admits that the Talmud is not that old. Also they added Shulkhan Arukh in 1565 as a new holy book. Also the shape and character of jewish people did not remain the same over the centuries. For example some Sephardic Jews are descended from North African Berbers who converted to Judaism. There were many Berber Jews in North Africa. Some Khazars also converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. That is also a proven fact. Modern Jews are not exactly the same Jews as those in the Bible. Nothing remained the same throughout the centuries since the fall of the Roman Empire. The second: George and Butterkeks are owning Axe of Perun against his furious narrative torwards Christianity.

Ahead of time: Hitler's "table talks" and the Bormann letters were forgeries by Fran├žois Genoud. This is in prediction of "muh Hitler wuz athiest".