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I disagree. Not on the basis of getting along with niggers, because that's impossible. They chimp out and go from zero to ghetto for no real tangible reason. Not even on the basis of them being a detriment to us. I agree with that too.

But not using the jews' weapons against them? We're outnumbered. Kikes laugh as they acknowledge this fact. As the only ones who ever wake up to their bullshit are also purists that refuse to sully themselves by associating with other races. They know we'll never succeed at this rate, and we aren't.

I am not saying go out and make some nigger friends.

I say:
redpill all races
To the fucked up shit jews have done to them.

Observe how furious Farrakhan is. Watch, seriously.
h ttps://w
Now imagine all niggers on a the grand scale of America were made aware of this.

We should be digging for every crude, wicked thing jews have done to every single race, and collectively wipe out the jews first.

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